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Work for!  The experience you can potentially get from here will serve you for the rest of your life in this business and industry!  And it is not like any other.  We are going to put you front and center with not only the biggest names in music, but also give you the opportunity to BE the trend-setter as you help discover new acts and bands, something that put us on the map nearly a decade ago!  We may even elevate you (pending staff levels) to a leadership position on our leadership team!

You will also be interviewing, reviewing and of course, write! No schleping behind a desk and grabbing coffee for us, which is obviously hard to do since is a pure online experience (unless you have invented a way to make and serve coffee over fiber optics or cable lines!)! 

You will get the chance to review albums before they come out, put your pulse on breaking music news, get a shot at interviewing and talking to some of the biggest names in music in person at concerts or over the phone and again, discover new music and promote them like you've never promoted them before!  This is an experience like no other!

Working for is a voluntary experience, but there is an expectation of consistent and regular contribution and we have been doing this now since 2002.   Also there is an expectation of professionalism on the job.  No outward EXTREME fangirling or boying in the field ;-)!
Staff Writers
The Staff Writers Division consists of writers who write reviews, features and conduct interviews for and are scattered all over the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom.

Applicants must be age 16 or over and reside in the US, UK or Canada, with candidates 18 and over given preference.  You must be 16 by September 1, 2014.  Please select the region of which your hometown is.  If you are a college student, please select the region of which your home state/country is, you will be given press ops around your college's area/state during the school year.  If you wish to use this experience as college credit, please let us know and send us pertinent info that can get that set up.

Application is below, please fill out all fields.

Pre-Screening/Post-Application criteria: Candidates must send two ORIGINAL writing samples written from scratch to gauge initial proficiency; one must be an album review of any album released in the last six months, complete with byline/headline AND a rating from 1 to 5.  The second sample sent must be a feature of any artist or band that you have checked out and no one/or very few have heard of.

Length of the review should be 1,000 words or less while the feature article should be 500-700 words or less. Once again, these samples are to gauge initial writing proficiency.  Please send the samples to our co-founder, CEO and chief publisher AND our Chief Editor within 7-10 business days of sending the initial application.

Optional criteria: On-camera poise and skill for v-seaters (video interviews), Tout/YouTube v-log updates and diaries. Any prior experience in our field will be heavily considered as a plus in the pre-screening process.

Application terms: If you submit an application (specific to the region), you hereby state that you are who you are and all information supplied is to the best of your knowledge valid and true. You hereby understand that we can reject any application outright for any valid reason during the pre-screening process with or without notification.

If your application and samples pass pre-screening, you will be notified that you have entered the screening phase, which is consisting of two parts. First part is the initial screening phase, in which you will be asked various general interview and general Musiqtone-related questions by the CEO (will be responsible for Canada and The United Kingdom) or Chief Editor/Regional Head of the South/Southeast via e-mail or Skype (preferred).  The second part will be Musiqtone and industry- specific questions, of which it will a final decision will be made within a week.  You will be notified at that point if we have accepted you into Musiqtone or not.
The Application
Your first name:

Your last name:


Date of Birth

Year in school (PLEASE INDICATE YOUR YEAR IN SCHOOL. For High School, please choose "High School")

State or Country

Zip Code

Phone Number (mobile number only, texting has become a major communication tool in our field of work)

E-mail Address:

Skype (Optional, but preferred due to screening)
Twitter (optional but preferred)
Facebook (optional but preferred)
Pre-screening interview: Please keep your answers short but concise. If you go into the screening process, you will be asked to be in-depth at that time.

Sell yourself. Why do you want to join ?

What kinds of music are you into?

Would you be willing to get out of your music comfort zone when asked every once in a long while?

What are your future plans?

List any previous experience you have had in the music industry* (You will be required to send a resume and cover letter if you answer this question. Also this question can only be ANSWERED if you have had prior experience in either our field of work or have done work at a record label and/or PR firm)

*---required for candidates who have prior work and/or experience


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