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Alexandra Boisvery Lauren Engberg

Years: 2, since 2011
Education: Belmont University, Music Business '15
Biography/Personal Biography
Updated 06.23.2011 Bio: Lauren is part of the inagural class of staff writers in the South/Southeast region, representing the Nashville area, giving the outlet a presence in the Music City.

Personal Bio: Lauren Engberg was born on Christmas Day in Riverside, California in 1992. Not long after, her family packed up and moved to Music City. Lauren has grown up around music over the years. She says her favorite memories of her childhood include being at the family business car repair shop, which often gave her glimpses into the celebrity world. This was the start of a very strong love for music.

Lauren is a graduate of Franklin High School and will be attending Belmont University as a Music Business major.Lauren also loves attending shows at the local music venue, Rocketown, to find out about new local and indie bands. She is often found buying a few CDs and various merchandise items and the merch booths at shows to support the bands.

Lauren also enjoys going behind the scenes and going to recording studios with her dad to see the magic of music making happen.
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Leadership Team
Alan Ho (Co-founder, CEO, Chief Publisher/Webmaster)
TBA(Regional Head, Midwest)
TBA (Regional Head, Pacific/Southwest)
TBA (Regional Head, East)
Erica Devaney(Chief Editor, Regional Head, South/Southeast)

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Ryan Ho (Director of Scouting)
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