Sunday, September 23rd
Gone Local
The Feature
In a world of bands trying to out do each other's appearance and appeal, comes a band that simply focuses on music. A band who's goal is to take their love of music and make a life of it.

"We aren't going to come out and say we are the most 'original' band out there, and that 'there are no other bands like us' cause every band that says that is full of it. All music comes from an influence. We are a rock band that adds in touches of the different music genres we listen to; including hardcore, experimental, jazz, metal, classical, pop, progressive and many more. We hope that everyone can find a little something in Airus that they like."

Airus began in 2004 but became what it is today in February of 2006. They are from the suburbs of Chicago in a town called Elgin. Airus began recording their debut full length in March and will have it out sometime in the summer. This will be followed up by a self recorded EP/DVD in the Fall or Winter.

Their sound is nearly reminscent of Pink Floyd, with the dreamy sounds and overall dreamy landscape with plenty of influences from hardcore and metal with a pinch of the contemplativeness of Coldplay.

Airus has appeared at nationally known venues such as The Rave in Milwaukee, WI; Chicago hot spots like The Double Door and The Note; as well as The Clearwater Theater in the Chicago suburbs. Though this phrase is tossed around a lot Airus really is a band with a bright future; look out for them to make a name for themselves very quickly.

Airus is:

Brian (Vocals/Korg keys)
Brooke (Vocals, Piano, Guitar)
Max (Guitar)
Aaron (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Kevin (Drums)
Here are some songs from the Northwest suburban band:

David vs. Homesickness
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