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I had a chance to talk to 18 year old singer-songwriter Michi about her career and upcoming plans! Michi’s current album Where Your Heart Is is out now along with her most recent single “Mulberry Breakdown.” Be sure to check them out!

Maura H.: You're 18 years old, which is pretty young. Where do you get such powerful inspiration for your songs at such a young age?
Michi: Well, I've been writing probably since I was 9 but I just base everything off of life experiences and relationships that I’ve gone through and what I’ve learned from them. Actually, it’s funny because all of my songs are based off of two people but I guess I pull a lot of inspiration from them!

MH: The newest single from your current album is “Mulberry Breakdown”. What inspired the song?
M: It was actually a fight I had with somebody. It’s basically telling the story of how our whole relationship fell apart and putting the pieces back together but it ended up not working out. It’s just one of those break up songs, you know?

MH: You play many instruments like the clarinet and the piano. Which is your favorite?
M: Definitely guitar. The funny thing is that it’s my third instrument! I started on drums and then went to piano and then I started guitar when I was seven. Guitar definitely won my heart!

MH: You've been compared to the likes of John Mayer and Regina Spektor. Are you influenced by writers like these?
M: Oh my gosh, yes! John Mayer is one of my biggest influences. Not just his songwriting, but since all of my music is really guitar based, and he’s an incredible guitar player, I just kind of hope to be considered the female John Mayer!

MH: What is your songwriting process like? Music first? Or lyrics first?
M: It kind of varies! Sometimes I’ll come up with a chord progression and the lyrics will follow. Or I’ll just be in the shower singing to myself, and I’ll come up with a chorus or some verses and I’ll jot it down and put some guitar parts to it! A lot of times it’s just fragmented ideas kind of brought together like a puzzle! Occasionally, I’ll have a whole song come to me, but that doesn’t happen very often.

MH: In what direction would you like to see your career go?
M: I’d just really like to get myself out there, travelling and getting to tour. I just want  to spread my music to a lot of people. My favorite thing about what I do is the performing aspect of it and that’s what I’d really like to focus on. I’d like to get another record out there and just play with my band!

MH: Any advice for aspiring singer-songwriters?
M: Don’t ever give up on yourself. It’s a lot of hard work but don’t give up on yourself. Follow your dreams!

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