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Haley Reinhart
Haley Reinhart
On August 27, 2012, over five hundred Cody Simpson fans came out to Kmart in Orlando, Florida. People from as far as England, Venezuela, Argentina and California, all came out for the  chance to meet Cody. Fans were also in attendance to check out Cody’s new product line exclusively for Kmart. His product line ranges from everything from backpacks to posters and t-shirts to CD’s. Impressively, these are all things that Cody had a hand in developing to make sure the products were a perfect fit for the Cody Simpson brand and his fans.

Before, the meet and greets began, I had the privilege of interviewing Cody Simpson. We had the chance to talk about his upcoming first full-length album, titled Paradise, and we talked about his writing style, fan encounters, and awesome fan gifts.

Check out my interview below with Cody Simpson for more fun questions and answers!

Cody Simpson V-Seater
Photo Set 1 Captions:  
Top Left and Bottom Right: Fans came out  early and purchased merchandise in order to get into the Skip The Line to meet Cody.  
Top Right and Bottom Left: Cody Simpson backpacks and t-shirt merchandise  from his new product line available for purchase exclusively to Kmart stores nationwide.   

Cody 2Photo Set 2 Captions:
Top Left and Top Right: Fans flew from all around the world to meet Cody Simpson in Orlando, Florida.
Bottom Left: Before the meet and greet began, Orlando’s very own radio station, XL 1067, had Cody Simpson draw the winner for the raffle for one lucky winner to win two tickets to Cody Simpson’s concert the following night in Orlando.
Bottom Right: Cody Simpson’s meet and greet with a fan who flew all the way from Argentina to see Cody Simpson live in concert in Orlando, Florida.
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