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The Spotlight

By Erica Devaney If you were a part of the TRL Generation like me, you probably remember hearing Daniel Bedingfield’s dance hit "Gotta Get Through This" in 2002. And now, after a long break from the music industry, Daniel is making a name for himself again. Now, he’s back with new […]

Mayday Parade set for a big Monday (UPDATE)

By Alan Ho UPDATE (Monday July 29, 2013, 1:) The updates keep coming.  We have official word on release date (October 8, 2013 via Fearless) as they are confirmed to putting the finishing touches, but we do have an album title AND cover work! Presenting “Monsters in the Closet!” […]

The Spotlight

By Erica Devaney Who:  Farewell Fighter Where:  Nashville, TN For fans of:  Patent Pending, We Are The In Crowd Farewell Fighter has been spreading catchy and fun indie pop music around Nashville and beyond since their first EP, The Winning Team, was released […]

The Premiere Box

By Alan Ho Who: Yellowcard Video:  Ocean Avenue (Acoustic) Yellowcard delves right into the past as they get set to release Ocean Avenue Acoustic, which is a reimagining of the very album that set the Florida band up the ladder to stardom 10 years ago.  In a statement […]

Featured Music Video | One Direction

By Alan Ho Due to contractual obligations…we can’t put this in The Premiere Box…and at the same time, can’t wait for that label to be stripped off.  So it’s a featured music video! One Direction may have just outdone themselves this time as they poke fun of themselves and the whole […]