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Free Music Monday

Who: Jared Lee For fans of:  Daniel Bedingfield, The Script, Josh Hoge, Craig David, Bruno Mars The newcomer pop/rock crooner with R&B leanings is no longer working under the radar following a placement of his new single “It’s Over (Goodbye)” on Season 10 […]

Music video premiere: Britney Spears

It is here!  Here is the premiere of “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears….the first single from her upcoming album due out real soon!  It has product placement and a very interesting fight club sequence on heels you have to see at around the 2:50 mark!  Prepare to get a little…shall we say, […]

Ruby Summer Update

By: Stephanie Mora

At the very beginning of last year, Musiqtone had the opportunity to interview Ruby and Summer Spiro, the two talented sisters from Southern California that make up Ruby Summer. We said then that it wouldn’t be the last time you heard about the dynamic, musical duo and this proved to be correct.

A lot […]

Teaser time

Who: Forever The Sickest Kids What:  Untitled album, March 1, 2011 Could be one of the longest album trailer teasers ever, but always expect the unexpected from the high energy Texas alt-rockers!  Check out this 3 minute, 15 sec sneak peek into […]

The Spotlight | Colbie Caillat

No one ever said Colbie was inconsistent, because she is far from it.  From her 2007 debut “Coco”, 2009’s “Breakthrough”, she looks destined to push out a new release every other year and the sunny, breezy pattern continues in 2011!  Staying true to her formula of sunny and breezy feel-good acoustic pop/rock, the upcoming May […]