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The Premiere Box

Who: Justin Bieber Song: Boyfriend Beliebers unite!  The pop superstar’s new single “Boyfriend” is now out in the wild and on whichever digital retailer you prefer, like iTunes…but before you buy, we got a full listen right here, painstakingly searched on YouTube! […]

The Soapbox

Editor’s Note:  Like everything that comes with The Soapbox, the following Soapbox piece is purely the view of the writer and the writer only…although I am pretty sure there’s a lot of people who probably would agree with the subject matter.  Enjoy.  And, if you feel offended in any way, just remember this:  […]

The List: Poker games and music

By Alan Ho It’s post-World Series of Poker and now you’re hooked on the money-making card game. But I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to perhaps set the musical mood, perhaps get you and your card playing friends in the right mindset? There’s actually a few songs that wax poetic/philosophical on […]

Ouch, really?!

By Alan Ho Blog disclaimer:  This blog post is purely the viewpoint of its entry’s author and in no way a general representation of the views of UPDATE (10/15/2011):  The web is now ablaze about “Facebook Official” and Heart2Heart.  If this is for real, the K-Pop-styled boy band is definitely off to […]