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Who:  blink-182 Video:  After Midnight Why you should watch:  blink-182 proves that you can have fun and mayhem anywhere, including a teenage psychiatric ward in their rather uplifting music video to kick off what could be a big time banner year for the pop-punk pioneers!

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By Alan Ho Who: Megan & Liz Video:  Are You Happy Now Fun fact:  The music video carries a very important message and was directed by Shenae Grimes, one of the stars in the ensemble cast of the hit CW Network show “90210’”! […]

Ouch, really?!

By Alan Ho Blog disclaimer:  This blog post is purely the viewpoint of its entry’s author and in no way a general representation of the views of UPDATE (10/15/2011):  The web is now ablaze about “Facebook Official” and Heart2Heart.  If this is for real, the K-Pop-styled boy band is definitely off to […]

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By Alan Ho—Chief Head, Chief Editor/Publisher Who:  Megan & Liz Where:  Nashville, TN For fans of:  He Is We, Demi Lovato, Action Item, Honor Society, Taylor Swift, Christina Grimmie Why they are on The Spotlight:  Never has an unsigned […]

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Who:  Howie D (Howie Dorough) Video:  100 He needs no intro, after all, hes the smooth operating one on pop superstars Backstreet Boys.  Following in the footsteps of Brian, Nick and AJ, Howie is the last of the iconic pop group to test their mettle […]