The IndieLight: The Grab Bag!!!

The IndieLight is back and back we are! A lot has happened this year at Musiqtone as we try to shift the focus back towards more indie acts in our drive to deliver a balanced focus after spending the better part of the past 18 months shoring and expanding our mainstream music coverage and our connections to various major recording labels.


So here’s a little grab bag of indie acts that we are looking at right now…


Dave Pittenger: One of the few artists scouted out by our crew in New Jersey. Heartfelt lyrics, simple melodies while delivering a musical power punch. Catch the acoustic act around the PA/NJ area this week. –
Like The Stars: Another music act from our crew in New Jersey. The pop-punkers are still in high school and show a lot of promise this year. Do not be surprised this quartet of pop/punkers catch the sight of a record label of the likes of Fearless, Victory, or Hopeless within a year or two. –

Love Me Electric: This Chicago alt-rock outfit is aiming for some big things in 2008 following a ringing endorsement from All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth. The band’s powerful pop/rock sound driven by electric guitars and great drumwork should land them as a staple on Warped Tour but as it is now, they are currently fighting for a spot on the famed alt-rock tour this year. –

Lionel Neykov: You probably don’t know who this soulful New Yorker armed with an acoustic, having picked up the guitar 7 years ago so this acoustic guitarist/singer-songwriter is definitely a self-made musician. The soulful voice and lyrics will get you at hello and then throw in his acoustic skills and he has you completely in his musical envelope. And Rolling Stone’s Anthony DeCurtis….you’re seriously missing out man! –

HelenaMaria: Notice the Jersey theme or how powerful our Jersey crew is? Well another Jersey act lands in the grabbag and its a case of telling Aussie twins The Veronicas to watch their backs in the US as these twins from New Jersey also pack quite the lyrical and musical punch. The multi-talented sisters are currently this month’s You Gotta Know. –

Lady Antebellum: They’re not exactly indie as they are signed to major country label Capitol Nashville but they are indie in terms of the astonishing lack of exposure this country-blues-pop trio is garnering. The group, which includes Charles Kelley, the younger brother of acoustic man Josh Kelley is currently on a nationwide tour bringing their hynoptizing folksy blues/pop sound to people from coast to coast. Their new album drop April 13. –

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