The Spotlight


By Lauren Engberg

Who:  On The Fifty
Where:  Brooklyn, NYC, New York
For fans of:  New Found Glory, Transit, Green Dya, Bayside

On The Fifty is a band straight out of Brooklyn, New York. The band, which consists of members Tim Dolan (guitar/vocals), Tom Dambro (guitar/vocals), John Kantar "Turk" (bass/vocals), and Anthony Imperato (drums), clearly shows off their pop punk/alternative/rock genre. Their five song E.P "Fast Hands, Bad Timing" showcases their incorporation of music influences like New Found Glory, Transit, Green Day, and Bayside. Speaking of Bayside, the band managed to snag frontman, Anthony Raneri, to produce the E.P. Raneri manages to sprinkle his talent all over the record giving listeners a nice

It’s not hard to miss the upbeat guitar riffs and bass lines in "Even If It Kills", which starts off the E.P. However, if you’re looking for a less in your face upbeat song, you can find a slower one called "D Song", which eventually picks up tempo at the chorus. Other notable songs include "Things Get Wet In The Ocean" and "The Future".

"Fast Hands, Bad Timing" is a perfect record to pop in while in the car and let the windows down. If you really want a good one to do just that, I personally recommend "The Future" with lyrics like "whatever may come is alright/just don’t let the future scare the living shit out of you".

If you want to check out On The Fifty, check out their music on their site and like them on Facebook.

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