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By Maura Harwood

Who: Nick Gill
Where: Nashville, TN
For fans of:  Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Jack Johnson

For many high school students, high school is a time when your biggest concerns include proms, football games, and (maybe) studying. For singer-songwriter Nick Gill, three albums and a 50-date tour were in order.

Based out of Music City, otherwise known as Nashville, Tenn., Nick Gill’s young career is currently in the process of blossoming. An Alabama native, Gill moved to Nashville after high school to continue his already incredible career that involved albums, touring, and interviews. Since then, he’s been compared to the likes of fellow singer-songwriters Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and John Mayer, all heavy-hitters in their area of the music industry.

Gill has recently been signed to Newark, NJ-based Rock Ridge Music, a critical step in his career that has led to the launch of his album “Waves Are Only Water,” which is due for release October 30, 2012.

Gill’s voice has been described as mature, soulful, smooth, and Jack Johnson-esque. His lyrics are one of a kind, reaching from haunting to tear-worthy to lovely, and every other positive adjective in between.  And if that weren’t enough to convince you, the messages of Gill’s music will win you over, filled with hope, love, and life.

You can check out Nick Gill’s music at and purchase “Waves Are Only Water” on October 30, 2012.


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