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By Hayley Holmes

Who:  Ed Tullett
From:  Brighton, England, U.K.
For fans of:  Andrew Belle, Bon Iver, Dear and the Headlights

If Bon Iver said that Ed Tullett was their younger brother, it is pretty safe to say there would be no surprise. If you’re into rich acoustics and that “floating on a cloud” vibe, then Ed Tullett will in no way disappoint you.  The 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK has recently been signed with Equal Visions Records, and released his EP Trawl via

This EP features four outstanding tracks that capture every essence from that previously talked about light, floating on a cloud sound. To a dark, more rich, earthy sound. In addition to his phenomenal EP, Tullett will be debuting his first full-length album Never Joy to a worldwide audience via Equal Vision Records on December 4, 2012. The album was originally self-released in November 2011, but since then it has been revamped and remodeled by Christopher Brickman of Tallhart.

And if all of this doesn’t just blow you out of the water already, Tullett was also recently announced a winner of Bon Iver’s Stems Project. The Stems Project is a contest in which Justin Vernon, the 2012 Grammy Award Winner of Best New Artist and Best Alternative Group, gave musicians a chance to take a track from Bon Iver’s self titled EP and remix it. Tullett won with the winning track “Hinnom, TX-Ed Tullett Remix” which can be heard on the Spotify album “Bon Iver, Bon Iver: Stem’s Project” and is featured on the band’s new remixed album.

It is easy to see that Ed Tullett has plenty of credibility and plenty of talent to match. His indie/folk style and impressive songwriting abilities provide a refreshing new light to the music industry. Tullett’s new album will definitely be something worth listening to, so check it out when it is digitally released on December 4th and definitely pick up a copy on iTunes!


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