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By Gray Gill

Who:  The Callen Sisters

From:  New York

For fans of:  Ingrid Michaelson, Birdy, Sara Bareilles

Most siblings tend to have some disagreements over things and, perhaps a few heated arguments every now and then; but judging from their music, it sounds as though Jessa and Beth Callen are getting along just fine.

On stage and in the studio, they simply go by The Callen Sisters; a highly talented singer-songwriter duo that bring a much needed vitality to the three of four redundant pop songs played on the radio. According to the sisters’ website, both Jessa and Beth had conservatory training while attending State University of New York (SUNY) at Purchase. While they had played music together throughout their teens, it was during those vital years at SUNY that they saw the potential of creating music together, as an actual band. So in 2006, they took that next step.

That potential has certainly been realized on their most recent release and the third since officially becoming a band – a six-song EP entitled The Light Bringer Project. Anticipation for the album was built by releasing it one track at a time at the start of November. The sisters have described the content of the album as being about “shining a positive light on social issues, as the album’s name suggests. Besides the level of instrumental dexterity, as evidenced in Jessa’s prowess with the harp and their impressive vocal harmonies, their music is memorable due in large part to the implicit message of each song.  “Silhouette,” the first single from the new EP, is extremely catchy; but listen to the lyrics, and you can hear the sisters’ clear and strong voices singing poignant, poetic lyrics such as “only love is true.”

It is easy to hear that Jessa and Beth Callen are talented; but talent is nothing without inspiration and that is something they also seem to have a lot of. The Light Bringer Project has six songs that you will find yourself listening to over and over again. And each time, you will hear something new and exciting in this group’s multifaceted music.

You can listen to the single, “Silhouette,” by clicking here.  After falling in love with that, you will want to visit iTunes or Amazon for the rest of the goods.  In addition, every single on The Light Bringer Project EP will be released one by one every other month!  The next single, “Light Bringer” is due out in January 2013.



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