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erica_150By Erica Devaney

Erica is the regional head for the South/Southeast region at

Top 6 Albums
1. fun. – Some Nights
fun. skyrocketed to the tops of the charts this year. As a long-time fan of Nate Ruess, I couldn’t be more proud of him. ‘Some Nights’ is a fantastic showcase of what the band is capable of.
2. Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is An Animal
I fell in love with Of Monsters and Men this year. ‘My Head is an Animal’ is like nothing else that I heard this year.
3. The Rocket Summer – Life Will Write The Words
The newest album from The Rocket Summer is likely the strongest TRS release to date. It’s one of those albums that just makes you feel alive when you listen to it.
4. Jukebox The Ghost – Safe Travels
If you haven’t heard of Jukebox yet, now is definitely the time to check them out. ‘Safe Travels’ is their third album, and it best showcases their pop-driven singalongs and slower ballads.
5. Anberlin – Vital
Anberlin is back to the ‘Cities’-era band fans have been hoping would return. While I didn’t think there was anything wrong with ‘Dark is the Way, Light is a Place,’ ‘Vital’ is a huge improvement from it.
6. Mumford and Sons – Babel
This album was one of the best selling of the year, and it’s well-deserved.

Top 5 Songs
1. The Rocket Summer – Revival
Revival is my favorite song from ‘Life Will Write the Words,’ and it is a perfect live song, with shouts of, "We’re gonna make it!"
2. fun. – Some Nights
fun. had an amazing 2012. While they’re likely most known for We Are Young, the title track from ‘Some Nights’ is a huge song, and definitely my favorite on the album. (Plus, it’s much much better than We Are Young. It just encompasses the band so much better.)
3. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
Of Monsters and Men are making waves in the U.S., and Little Talks (along with every other song on their album) has the potential to be huge.
4. Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait
Again, Mumford and Sons had an impressive 2012. ‘Babel’ build off the successes of their last album, and I Will Wait is a great song to sing along to.
5. Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats
After the first time I heard All The Rowboats, I couldn’t stop listening to it for days. Regina has such impressive songwriting abilities, and her new album is terrific, especially this song.

Top 3 New Acts
1. Of Monsters and Men
Of Monsters and Men really stole this year for me. I bought their new CD on a whim and I’m so glad I did. The band, from Iceland, just played a sold-out U.S. tour and have played on late night shows. I can’t wait to hear more music from them!

Top issue:
I think the top issue in the music industry is getting more fans involved. Great bands go unnoticed far too often. If they’re lucky, they’ll hit a big break – like fun. – and will finally get their deserved recognition. Many bands deserve much more credit than what they get, and that’s a big problem in the industry today.

Looking forward to:
– Whatever Andrew McMahon does next. I will enjoy anything and everything he does.
– blink-182 in 2013. The ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ EP is pretty great, and they should have more music out within the year.
– More anniversary tours! Anniversary tours and band reunions make me so nostalgic and happy, and I’m hoping bands continue this in 2013.

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