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Who:  Before You Exit
Where:  Orlando, FL
Album: I Like That EP
Label: Independent
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Review by: Hailey Sager

Orlando based, Before You Exit have had an extremely busy 2013, and it is only February. In the middle of supporting Action Item on The Resolution Tour, Before You Exit released their latest EP, I Like That.

In my opinion, Before You Exit could hold their own on a tour with the likes of Big Time Rush and One Direction.  I think they have the fan base and the talent to do so. I Like That resembles the best of both of these bands.

Before You Exit released “End Of The World” (Featuring Anth) back in December 2012, and it was an immediate favorite of mine. It fits perfectly kicking of the album. Anth compliments the track well, as he does on all of his features.

Before You Exit’s latest single and album title, "I Like That" is melodious, and catchy tune. It shows maturity and growth in Before You Exit’s music and talents.

My favorite song on the album is "A Little More You." If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it was a One Direction single, which is another reason why I think they would be a perfect tour support for the next North America One Direction tour.

“Settle For Less” takes me back to middle school dances. I hope that if they make this a single, the music video is just that, a school dance. It’s a fun remembrance of young love.

While "A Little More You" sounds like a One Direction song, "Soldier" has a Big Time Rush feel. Before You Exit are a perfect blend of both acts, while still remaining true to their own talents. But with every listen of “Soldier,” I imagine Big Time Rush on high rises performing it instead of Before You Exit.

“Three Perfect Days” is a perfect conclusion to I Like That.  These seven songs compliment the band in every way. I feel that any other songs wouldn’t do the album as much justice as I Like That EP.

Before You Exit have come a far way since I saw them open for Allstar Weekend as a local tour support in Orlando, Florida in 2010. 2013 will be a big year for Before You Exit if they have already accomplished so much in only two months.

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