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By Alan Ho

You may recognize his name or at the very least a key part of Texas boy band NLT (one of its alums is current Glee star Kevin McHale), which ran from 2003-2009, but had a brief flirtation with stardom in 2007 and 2008.  Now solo since 2009, the former frontman and face is poised to make himself a known quantity, all without the benefit of major label support.  Think of Travis as Justin Timberlake…sans all that support that turned him into an instant superstar upon going solo himself more than a decade ago.

He has his doubters due to a now-four year journey (that is ongoing) to prove he has staying power as a solo artist and that he can build his career without the benefit of those who supported NLT (like Chris Stokes and the power of Jimmy Iovine at Interscope and Geffen).  He may have found his big opening with the recent release of volume 2 of his Fashionably Late EP, which was produced by production powers The Stereotypes (Usher, Justin Bieber)

"It’s a new evolution of my sound, so I was a little bit nervous. I just didn’t know how people would receive it," Garland recently told MTV News last week. "But it’s been overwhelmingly positive so far."

The now 23-year old is starting to become compared to the aforementioned Timberlake and also Canadian superstar Robin Thicke with the smooth operating and his now-becoming trademark falsetto register.

You can download his EP for free off his official website, quite a rarity in today’s money-grabbing music world.  The EP is a continuation of the first one, five tracks of edgy, gritty, but somewhat old-school R&B and pop; should remind listeners of breakout artists like Frank Ocean and of course Timberlake’s recently release The 20-20 Experience.  He is purported to be working on his now long-awaited full length debut or on a volume three of the Fashionably Late series.

Travis is someone you gotta take a long look at!

Here’s his music, presented by Soundcloud:

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    March 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    TG is in 23 might want to edit that. Just sayin.

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