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By Erica Devaney

When you see a band with strange name, it’s hard to not click on their Facebook page or listen to their album on Spotify simply out of curiosity. Then when you hear something great from them, it’s impossible to stop listening or to forget that unique name.

I think the “That’s a strange band name, I must click it” phenomenon works in the favor of Uh Huh Baby Yeah!. When it feels like every band’s name starts with “The,” it’s hard for bands to stand out from the rest. Uh Huh Baby Yeah! has that part down, and more importantly, they have a great sound to pair with their strange name.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, from Louisville, Kentucky, has a loud-fast pop punk feel, almost like the sound of Head Automatica’s Popaganda. Recently, the band’s guitarist and bass player left, but it doesn’t seem to have affected them – Their music sounds stronger than ever on Trash Talk. It has a more put-together and solid sound than their 2011 debut, Till Death Do Us Party – A true sign of the band’s new growth.

The band’s been around for a few years, but Trash Talk may be their defining moment so far. The new lineup – Kevin Fletcher, Sean Smith, John Braboy, Blake Stahlhut and Joe Brock – is one that is not afraid to take risks and that’s paid off.

Interested in some music? Check out a new song from Trash Talk, “Dances With Wolves,” here:

The band’s new six-track EP, Trash Talk, is due out on April 23. Check it out and go see the band out on tour promoting the new EP now!




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