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By Hayley Holmes

Who: Union J
For fans of:  One Direction
Where:  London, England

This British boyband quartet originally formed on the UK’s X-Factor after fellow contestants Rough Copy withdrew from the competition giving the band a second chance. The band started out under the name “Triple J” with just JJ, Jaymi, and Josh, hence where the “J” at the end of their name came from. But, when they moved on to judge’s houses they added George who had originally auditioned as a solo artist. They continued throughout the competition gaining major popularity from the public. According to the number of votes each week, Union J was by far one of the most popular contestants on Season 9. It wasn’t until the semi-finals that they were eliminated from the competition and not long after, it was announced they were signed to Sony Records.

After being signed to Sony, they announced that they had begun to work on and record their debut single “Carry You” in January 2013, which will be released in the UK and Ireland on June 2nd. On January 28, 2013, it was confirmed that they had signed with the Sony subsidiary, RCA Records and the single was well on its way.

Since being eliminated from the X-Factor (UK), the band released their debut music video for “Carry You” on April 29th.  They continue to promote their single that will be released this summer and as they do so, they continue to gain popularity. They’ve made a couple appearances on the UK’s BBC Radio 1 and several other radio stations and TV Shows as well! With many references to being the “next One Direction”, these boys are definitely going far. I encourage everyone to check them out and purchase their new single if it is available in your country! If not, definitely keep your eye out for Union J and check out their music video, which is up on YouTube now!

Video (Vevo) | Carry You


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