The Spotlight


By Amaris Rodriguez

Who: Adela & Jude
Where: Boston
For fans of:  Civil Wars, the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons

It’s been a while since the music scene has been composed of any form of mainstream folk music but lately that has all been changing. With more attention being placed on underground indie folk music, more artists are being placed under the spotlight. One act to look out for is an Americana Duo by the name of Adela and Jude.

The Boston Americana duo composed of – you guessed it – Adela and Jude, have been traveling across the country bringing live performances to a new level. With their enthusiastic performances they are able to capture the crowd and revert them back in time to the years of old time Americana music.

Making up half of the duo, Adela is a classically trained pianist who found her love for music at the age of three. Gifted with powerful vocals, she is a master at maintaining perfect pitch while not only playing an old 1920’s Estey Organ that accompanies her on the road but also pounding on a floor tom. Her instrumental talents do not stop there either as she is often seen playing the accordion throughout many of their shows.

To complete the other half of the talented duo there is Jude. Growing up in a musical family, Jude is a third generation musician who would accompany his parents on tours throughout the country during the 60’s. Starting out as a percussionist, he later became interested in string instruments and learned to play the mandolin, guitar and banjo among others. While never forgetting his rhythmic roots, he will often play the snare or bass drums with his feet while playing a string instrument and keeping haunting harmonies with Adela.

Together Adela and Jude have been making music that brings back a part of the past to the music scene. With songs like “I don’t know” and “Sinner Girl” this duo is showcasing a style that can be compared to the legendary Johnny Cash. Already drawing attention and recognition from the Americana music scene, they have been named an act to watch by Boston Americana and won the legendary Club Passim’s IMF award for new artists.

For fans of other duos like The Civil Wars and even appealing to fans of recent mainstream artists like Mumford and Sons, Adela and Jude’s sound is sure to receive positive attention.   Bringing back the sound of old traditional country music with a strong Americana and folk influence, Adela and Jude are sure to gain more fans and have the potential to bring Americana music into the limelight.

The JukeBox | Adela & Jude

1 comment for “The Spotlight

  1. Michelle
    June 25, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Neat article! This guy sounds a lot like Johnny Cash. I will def be on the lookout for these two 🙂

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