The Spotlight


By Erica Devaney

Who:  Farewell Fighter
Where:  Nashville, TN
For fans of:  Patent Pending, We Are The In Crowd

Farewell Fighter has been spreading catchy and fun indie pop music around Nashville and beyond since their first EP, The Winning Team, was released in 2009.

After a long road and plenty of hard work, vocalist Kenny Fleetwood, drummer Matthew Hooper and bassist David Jahns are now getting ready to release their debut full length, Challenges, and they’ve been working harder than ever to get to this point. They’ve been making a name for themselves since Alternative Press Magazine named them as one of their Top 100 Unsigned Bands in 2010, and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Be sure to check out Farewell Fighter if you love honest and catchy pop punk music with plenty of gang vocals and uplifting messages. No one quite does music like Farewell Fighter. With one listen, you’ll be pulled in and hooked on these melodies and positive lyrics about fighting to follow your dreams, something the guys of Farewell Fighter know about first-hand.

Challenges is out on August 6. Half of the album will sound familiar to fans of Farewell Fighter’s previous EP from 2011, The Way We Learn – Six of those tracks have been remastered for Challenges. Be on the lookout for our upcoming review of the new album!

Check out Challenges on August 6 and visit Farewell Fighter online here:



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