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By Erica Devaney

If you were a part of the TRL Generation like me, you probably remember hearing Daniel Bedingfield’s dance hit "Gotta Get Through This" in 2002. And now, after a long break from the music industry, Daniel is making a name for himself again.

Now, he’s back with new projects, new sounds and a new (special edition) EP called Stop The Traffik – Secret Fear. If you were familiar with Daniel back in the TRL days, you’ll find Stop The Traffik very different and unique. While it’s very different from the 2002-Daniel Bedingfield music we once knew, it’s a refreshing listen, and there’s something everyone will enjoy with so much variety. 

The new EP, out on July 22, showcases Daniel’s talents as a songwriter and performer. With so many distinct sounds in these songs – some folky, some dancy, some with a rock feel – this EP is one to be impressed with. Daniel is definitely making a new mark on the music world with Stop The Traffik.

In addition to releasing new music, Daniel is now a judge on New Zealand’s first season of The X Factor – a great place for someone with all of his talents to be, helping others make their way into the music industry.

Stop The Traffik is also the name of a global advocacy organization Daniel co-founded in 2006. The organization helps with fighting for the end of human trafficking all over the world. Proceeds from Daniel’s new EP will go toward the cause. You can check out more information on Stop The Traffik at

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