MGMT announces North American tour, album out today


By Alan Ho

Psych rockers MGMT announce today (September 17) a North American tour in support of their new self-titled album that just came out today.  The tour kicks off November 10 in Austin, TX, where they will make a special appearance at the Fun Fun Fun Fun Fest and wraps up December 13 with a hometown show in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclay’s Center.  Presales for this hotly anticiapted tour will commence this coming Friday (September 20) at 10 am ET on Crowdsurge.

The group is also set to release their latest audio and visual experience via video format today on VEVO titled “Cool Song No. 2.”  The video is described as showing off “a fully-realized future world in which genetically engineered plants are converted into euphoria-inducing drugs.”  You can watch the video here below the tour date slate.

North American Tour Dates:

November 10                    Austin, TX                          

November 12                    St. Louis, MO                   

November 13                    Madison, WI                    

November 14                    Columbus, OH                 

November 15                    Indianapolis, IN

November 17                    Des Moines, IA

November 18                    St. Paul, MN                     

November 19                    Chicago, IL                         

November 20                    Detroit, MI                        

November 22                    Louisville, KY                    

November 23                    Memphis, TN                   

November 24                    Atlanta, GA                       

November 26                    Washington, DC

November 27                    Charlotte, NC

November 29                    Durham, NC

December 2                       Pittsburgh, PA

December 3                       Philadelphia, PA

December 5                       Boston, MA

December 7                       Toronto, ON

December 9                       Montreal, QC

December 13                     Brooklyn, NY

Video:  Cool Song No. 2

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