The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who:  Mutts
Where:  Chicago, IL
For fans of:  AM Taxi, Company of Thieves, Parachute, MUTEMATH, This Is Cinema, Foo Fighters

It is still too early to tell, but this dynamic trio from Chicago may be in for a similar trajectory that sent Fall Out Boy from relative unknowns out of Chicago’s increasingly cluttered alt-rock scene to superstardom in the mainstream.  And much like FOB, this is a group that took a while to come together, as the original formed in Gainesville, FL in 2009 and created themselves a circuitous path that eventually saw one of its original co-founders stick around with indie powers Company of Thieves and replaced with former Suns drummer Chris Pagnani in 2012.

The sound of the Mutts is old-school grunge with some decidedly experimental rock influences (think the two Toms, Petty and Waits) to keep the sound fresh, the kind that propelled Nirvana to reluctant fame and carried on somewhat by its successor Foo Fighters, but there is clear influence from groups like AM Taxi, This Is Cinema and even Parachute.  It is a sound that has been lacking in an equally cluttered, but increasingly radio-friendly alternative rock scene.  Their new album, titled Object Permanence was funded and propped up solely by a Kickstarter campaign, an increasingly popular tool for acts going the DIY route. 

One of the songs from Object has now landed in music video format, titled “Prizefighter,” which sees various cameos from the group itself except for Mike Maimone, the frontman of the trio, who is prominently featured as an amateur underground street fighter.  The video is beautifully shot and the song itself has a Springsteen/Waits like feel to it.  It’s real, it is gritty, yet charming in itself and is very much spun like a story.

Let’s see where this trio of stage-hardened road warriors go next.  If you take a listen…they have all the signs of taking that Fall Out Boy-like upward trajectory.  We’ll see…

Music video:  The Prizefighter

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