Split personalities: Beyonce

Beyonce returns in split fashion with her upcoming double disc which features two distinct personalities.  On one side, you get the ballad-driven Beyonce in "I Am…Beyonce." and then on the flip side, the world will be introduced to Beyonce’s fierce alter-ego Sasha Fierce in the upbeat and sassy "I am…Sasha."

The R&B star now introduces both sides in a pair of videos, one called "If I Were a Boy" which shows Beyonce in near au naturel and shot in black & white while "Single Ladies" shows off Sasha Fierce for the first time to her fans.

If I Were a Boy video:

Single Ladies video:

1 comment for “Split personalities: Beyonce

  1. Dom - Tom's Wife
    December 7, 2008 at 11:59 am

    I Luvv Beyonce!
    She Always Has Good Songs On The Radio!

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