The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who:  The Kickdrums (Alex Fitts)
Where:  Brooklyn, NY (by way of Cleveland, OH)
For fans of:  Gym Class Heroes, Breathe Carolina, 3OH!3, Owl City

This decade is truly an era of multi-genre creativity, the ability to fuse multiple musical styles into one and hitting the proverbial jackpot.  This definitely rings true with Cleveland native Alex Fitts, otherwise known as Brooklyn-based the KickDrums. 

The singer-songwriter and producer cut his teeth initially in Cleveland’s blue-collar and grimy hip-hop scene and as he gained notoriety, he began to experiment with creative fusion, eventually blending in alt-rock with his hip-hop and then moved on to adding elements of dream-pop (think Owl City, Breanne Duren) and trip-hop (Big Sean, Drake, Kid Cudi). 

Now signed to indie powers Hopeless Records, the KickDrums hope to unleash this uniquely crafted combination to the masses, which undoubtedly has a shot at making it to the top of the indie music mountain.  Watch out for Alex Fitts…we smell breakout potential in 2014!


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