Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects set to release solo single



By Alan Ho

When he is not pounding the road warrior act with his band All-American Rejects, he is burning up the small screen in a recurring role on the NBC hit show “Parenthood.”  Now you can add a solo music credit to his bucket list.  However, do not fret Rejects fans, this is a one-off while the band is reportedly cooking up new material for the followup to Kids In The Street and not the beginnings of a solo project!

Tyson’s single “Air” will be released digitally on November 5 and he will be performing the song on November 7th on an episode of the aformentioned “Parenthood,” where he plays Oliver Rome.

“It was a long tour in Europe that started this song. It stayed with me because I’ve never written a song on the road before, but somehow this one found me there. It was special. It was the first time I had ever written and recorded a song by myself,” said Ritter in the press release.  “It sat in my hard drive for eight months until one day the song somehow naturally found a moment to be released.  As soon as I found out I had been cast, I immediately played ‘Air’ for the creator of the show, Jason Katims. He really seemed to dig the vibe of the tune and some weeks later he found a moment for the song to be placed in the show!”


But before you buy, you can take a listen…what do you think?

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