VersaEmerge reemerges as VERSA, releases final content as former


By Alan Ho

No group likely has or will ever go through as many changes as the now former VersaEmerge has over the course of their nearly 10 year journey, but two things have remained constant:  lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck and her partner-in-crime, Blake Harnage.  Now the Floridian duo took the final step to reemerging as VERSA as they have released the final piece that will ever be presented by VersaEmerge. 

“No Consequences” was slated to become a featured single on the duo’s upcoming album titled Another Atmosphere, but following upheaval with the group and also at Fueled By Ramen (who lost John Janick to Interscope late last year), the duo consequently was let go by the Atlantic-owned indie label.  It took a while but the duo finally was able to release the song AND accompanying video (that was shot last summer)!

"In the summer of 2012, we filmed a music video for the song ‘No Consequences’. We are happy to announce that we can finally share that video with all of our fans. This will be the last piece of content released as VersaEmerge. Expect music from VERSA before the year is up.
-Blake & Sierra"


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