The Spotlight


By Luanne Lim

Who:  The Glass Gentlemen
Where:  Provo, Utah
For fans of:  Mayday Parade, For The Foxes, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Ready Set

This generation of music seems to be forming around emerging technology. With the advanced music editing programs and recording equipment available today, many musicians are finding ways to blend qualities of various genres of music with electronic and synth beats.

Going along with the new, emerging music scene is electric pop-punk/rock two-man band, The Glass Gentlemen. The duo is comprised of Utah natives Brad Rhoades and "Blue." The pair have been making their way in the music world since 2010, sharing a stage with the band behind last year’s hit song "Everybody Talks," the Neon Trees, along the way.

The Glass Gentlemen’s music can be described as a blend between The Ready Set and Secondhand Serenade, invoking strong emotion through thought out lyrics while being backed by classic garage band instrumentals that are topped with a few electronic, produced touches. AbsolutePunk described their music as "emotional, detailed and thoughtful," while Unsigned Find described the band’s style as "very ambitious, big rock sound."

The band recently released their first album in three years. Their self-titled release features the singles "Contusion" and "Radio Hearts," as well as both old and new songs that were freshly recorded and produced. The nine track album is available for free download through their Bandcamp site listed below.

If you’re in need of a band with a sound that’s different from the usual bubblegum pop or something you’d hear playing at a bar or nightclub, check out The Glass Gentlemen…and if you still are a bit hesitant, maybe the nine free songs can change your mind…



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