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By Alan Ho

Who: Wayfarer

Where:  California

For fans of:  John Legend, Anthony Hamilton,  Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley

Neo-Soul+Alt-Folk=Wayfarer.  That is the essence of the game for Southern California native Nik Piscitello, otherwise known as Wayfarer.  But he wasn’t always a smooth operator, cool cat, awesome storyteller, once part of a rather angry post-hardcore outfit named Spark of Life in the late 90s, early 2000s and later on formed the equally raging Last of the Believers.  And then as his bio goes…”adulthood set in” as he got married, had children and decided to respond to his past as a once-angry, screaming musician.

The end result of this circuitous musical journey is the group that isn’t or might not be a group (depending on one’s point of view), Wayfarer.  Think John Legend.  Think Jeff Buckley.  Think Ryan Adams.  Think smooth and cool operating combined with some storytelling from a man with enough life experiences to last a lifetime (he’s only 36 years old) for many people and one who has decided to make a little sense in the world he is now thrust in.

His upcoming sophomore EP The Albatross We Keep has been described as:

“a portrait of a man very much trying to come to grips with adulthood, armed with little more than his heart and his songs.

One key track to the incoming EP may offer newer fans of Wayfarer a brief look into his past, the song “Best and Worst.”  In any case, Nik Piscitello…or Wayfarer is someone you should check out!!!

Speaking of “Best and Worst,” you can listen to it right here and see for yourself what Wayfarer is all about!


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