The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who:  Ives The Band
Where:  Malibu, CA
For fans of:  Dashboard Confessional, The Maine, Eisley, Muse, Civil Twilight

When you think music from the beaches, the cool and surf of Malibu, you think a lot of coffeehouse acoustic pop/rock with an observational philosophy.  You’re not exactly thinking of pop/rock with electric guitar play, full of metaphors and story-telling, with a flair of some theatrics and a place of strength and depth.  It’s why Malibu’s Ives The Band has been described in their bio as a “musical anomaly” and coming together in “a musical display of craftsmanship unlike any other contemporary rock band.”

One listen to tracks like “Mr. Birch” and “The Joker” and one cannot help but think of contemporaries like The Maine, Muse and even South Africa’s Civil Twilight.  In fact, the aforementioned tracks are part of their debut album The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch, the imaginary tale of the title’s circus leader and the world he is in.  Everything described previously is part of the whole experience in the album. 

Ives the Band is definitely a foursome you must check out.  Just be prepared for the wonderful musical journey these four young talented musicians will take you on.  So strap on the seat belt and ride into the world of “Mr. Birch!”  You can listen to all their music on their official website or on their Facebook page…links are provided below!


Official website
Official Facebook

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