Copeland reunites; announces new album


By Alan Ho

Yes, it is April 1 and while it is a time for bands to punk their own fans by either “reuniting” or “disbanding”, we can tell you with 200% certainty that this one is no joke.  This one is as real as it gets in spite of its timing.  In reality, the reunification of Copeland, something that had been in the works for a while and put their fans on ice for the last six years happened on March 27 when a new song called “Ordinary” started to leak out into the blogosphere and then later on official on Bandcamp and iTunes.

But today, April 1st, it is now official.  After six long years, Copeland is now officially back on the wagon.  A statement from the band on the website goes:

“It’s been almost six years since Copeland has released new music. Though each member has been pursuing new ventures, inside and outside of the music industry both collectively as well as individually, Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Stephen Laurenson, and Jonathan Bucklew have reunited to record and self-release their fifth full-length album, ‘Ixora.’ The record will be recorded and produced by Aaron Marsh at his studio in Lakeland, FL, The Vanguard Room.”

Again, this ain’t some April Fool’s joke here…this is serious.  And if you need further proof:

Celebrate Copeland fans.  And stay tuned.

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