The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who: Ray Goren
For fans of:  John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Ben Harper, Gary Clark Jr., Eric Clapton, Jason Mraz
From:  Los Angeles, CA

Would you believe me if I told you that this latest Spotlighter is only FOURTEEN years old and is still only 3 days away from graduating 8th grade after listening to him?  Believe it.  Ray Goren is a name you likely have not heard of yet and you should!  Combining blues, R&B, rock and pop with already polished guitar play, the young music prodigy showcases a voice and skill that most certainly belies his young age.  In fact, he was already beginning his love of music, beginning to play at the age of 5 and a few years later stumbled on to a YouTube recording that would change his life forever:  a clip showcasing BB KIng, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy all on the stage together playing.  It was at that juncture the young musician decided to make his mark in the music world.

Already writing and performing original music since the age of 10 all over the US, it was just last year and early this year that Goren stamped his original music in the recording studio, already churning out 2 EPs, the first coming out on June 24th.  The first EP is produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, KISS, Led Zeppelin).

Once again, he’s only 14 and it’s hard to believe that someone this young, with this much talent, that much skill only has his musical journey beginning.

Save My Soul Lyric Video:


Official Site
Official YouTube

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