The Pop Can: Honor Society

It’s time to bring The Pop Can back and time to take a look at some pop acts worth taking a look at so far this year!

honorsociety_160_2 Take a look at:

Honor Society: The former You Gotta Knows from New York blend smooth acoustic-based pop/rock with a whole lot of energy. Think current Backstreet Boys meet Fall Out Boy and All Time Low with a dash of Prince as lead vocalist Michael Bruno may be the best kept secret together with his guitar skills. At first listen, you might think that Justin Timberlake has created some sort of side project, but its all Bruno’s voice, which gives the sound a further diverse edge.

The band continues to be ignored by major and even indie labels but have built up a large fanbase in part to Alex Noyes, HS’s current drummer and former drummer for teen pop stars The Jonas Brothers. Why the multi-layered sound, scintillating guitar playing, and overall appeal doesn’t attract any label remains a mystery.

The band currently is seeking a top billing on Famecast, and if they win the top prize, some pretty nice things could be in store for these men from New York before 2008 comes to an end.

Official blog

Video: See U In The Dark

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