The IndieLight: Bamboozle Edition

Bamboozle is just a little over a month away and it’s time to highlight some acts YOU should check out, courtesy of our indie searchlight…THE IndieLight!

1.  The Audition- This Chicago alt-rock band is gaining traction in the now-cluttered alt-rock scene, joining new wave bands like All Time Low, Armor For Sleep, and Forever The Sickest Kids to rise above the cluttered scene and bring a new power order to pop/punk. 

2.  Phil Bensen-  The New Jersey pop/rocker brings a Maroon 5-like sound, more towards Adam Levine than Mickey Valentine so that means a poppy rock base with a heaping of good old cool funk.  He is a rising star in the indie music world and bears watching at Bamboozle.

3.  Treaty of Paris- Powerpop gets a little twist with this suddenly hot band also from Chicago.  Signed to Airport Tapes & Records, a label imprint from Andrew McMahon (Jack’s Mannequin), Treaty brings a powerpop with a multitude of sounds, ranging from the arena rock brought on by Pearl Jam to going straight pop-punk in songs like ‘Hello Nurse,’ which might draw in fans of Fall Out Boy and even blink-182.  A fine addition to the Bamboozle lineup and there’s no direction to go for this band but way up.

4.  Tokio Hotel-  This is one interesting outfit.  Hailing from Germany, the alt-rock/metal band offers an an answer to groups like Vampire Weekend and Chicago’s Victorian Halls, so expect a little wailing pop screaming from their lead vocalist.  Their English language debut is set for April and while they may seem to be an acquired taste, they are definitely worth taking a look at while you peruse the Bamboozle grounds.

5.  Metro Station-  Not picking them because of the more famous siblings of two of the members of this slightly wacked out, but very energetic alt-rock band.  Lead by vocalist Trace Cyrus, Metro Station brings in what is described as power-punk with an electronic flair and such flair is heavily evident in their music, which is a little offbeat at times, rather dark, but somehow staying optimistic.  If not for some family ties, this band is something to watch at their shows as they bring immense energy during their live shows.

Well, that’s it for now…we’ll go over the next 5 to look at come near Bamboozle time in late April!

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