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By Alan Ho

Who: Airsickness
Where:  Tampa, FL
The band:  Owen Jago (vocals/guitar), Casey Jago (bass), Allen Litchfield (guitar) and Nick Masengale (drums)
For fans of:  Pierce The Veil, Paramore, All Time Low, Armor For Sleep, Madina Lake, Mayday Parade, Every Avenue, Go Radio

A lot of alt-rock bands have emerged out of Florida’s vibrant indie rock scene and into the mainstream either as a major label bonafide or an indie power.  Let’s rattle a few names shall we?  Yellowcard.  Less Than Jake.  Anberlin.  A Day To Remember.  Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  Against Me!.  Could Tampa’s Airsickness be the latest to emerge?

Time will tell.  But they have laid together a fantastic first impression with their first single, titled “Faking Smiles,” coined by Under The Gun Review as “having the vocal transparency of Armor For Sleep, with the musical abrasiveness of Pierce The Veil.”  High praise indeed!

Now the group is expanding their take on hard-hitting alt pop/rock to the EP stage, set to release Between All The Lies tomorrow and is currently an exclusive premiere on  The EP is described as the culmination of a journey into their lives as individuals and the band and set through powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, a key staple in the Floridian pop-punk scene.

As described by the group themselves…

This EP is sonically us. ‘Between All the Lies, is an intimate look into our lives as individuals and as a band. It’s a raw unflinching sound that coincides with our honest and heartfelt emotions during its conception. There’s lots of involvement with every instrument and we weren’t afraid to get a little weird while still keeping the integrity of the song structures

Fans can go check out the EP in its entirety right now on Absolutepunk!  Here is the tracklist:

unnamed (1)

1.   Choking on Flames

2.   Faking Smiles

3.   Losing My Patience

4.   Never Wanted

5.   Darling Sabrina

6.   Heart Attack

Check out the video for “Faking Smiles!”


Official site

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