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jupiterrising_120 Who: Jupiter Rising
Where: Los Angeles
For fans of:  The Black-Eyed Peas
Why you must check them out:

The duo is comprised of singer/beatboxer/producer Spencer Nezey and already-music vet Jessie Payo and while they have been actually around for a while, 2009 seems to be the year where they can take Jupiter Rising from one of music’s best-kept secrets to one of music’s most dynamic duos.  Spencer and Jessie trade off vocals as effortlessly as someone who has done it for 20 years even though both have been making music together for only a few years.  The music represents a very diverse mix, ranging from Spencer’s flair for hip-hop beats inspired by Timbaland and Pharrell to Jessie’s upbringing with classic rock, blues, and eventually adding Europop and techno.  Both also add their dynamic songwriting, furthering their DIY approach to music. 

On March 17, watch out for their ironically named album “The Quiet Hype”.  Why the irony?  Because on March 17, they’re going to be anything but quiet.

NOTICE:  Watch out in the coming days for an album review of “The Quiet Hype, done by our Spencer A.

Official website
Official Myspace

Video:  Falling Away

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