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By Alan Ho

Who:  Johnny Boyd
Where:  Portland, OR
For fans of:  Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Johnny Cash

In the last few years, music has seen something of a renaissance in the sounds of a once bygone era that truly never really went away, just shoved into the background until those past few years.  Meet Portland, OR native Johnny Boyd as the latest act to revel in the era of swing, jazz, the early roots of rock n’ roll, the kind of pop that propelled Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to superstardom and the country & gospel that fueled the young Elvis Presley to great heights.  As a matter of fact,Boyd revels in all of them at the same time…never has the original Great American Songbook sound this great in a while!

Johnny will bring forward his latest creation to introduce and immerse a new generation of listeners, much like what Tony Bennett did in the late 80s/early 90s on February 12, 2016 titled Someday Dreams of You.  The eleven-song release will mark his seventh overall studio release and his third solo album as a whole and will feature a decidedly marked twist:  each composition is original in its nature but is wrapped fully inside what made the Great American Songbook as such!

Currently the singer-songwriter is touring the U.S. promoting a streaming webisode series “Cocktails With The Crooners,” which will take audiences all over the country back in time where he and other guest singers will sing and swing in a living room party setting, complete with the fashions that dominated such parties in that supposedly bygone era, creative cocktails and new music. 

To catch the very essence of Johnny Boyd:


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