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By Alan Ho

Who:  Boycode
Where:  Belgium
For fans of:  One Direction, O-Town, Westlife, Union J

Some proclaimed that the boy band (or young male pop group) era was over when One Direction announced about a year ago that they would be going on a hiatus with a return still up in the air.  Someone forgot to tell this slowly rising and bubbling foursome out of Belgium that was formed actually two years ago but began to slowly rise in the past year.  Could they fill the void left behind by One Direction, who themselves filled the void 6 years ago left behind by the likes of Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and even the Jonas Brothers?

In comes Belgian foursome Boycode.  The group’s formation is not any different from Big Time Rush, O-Town and to a certain extent, One Direction.  Hundreds of candidates in Belgium answered the call and Filip Perdu whittled it down to these four:  Lennert, Mattias, Gregory and Timmy.  An X-Factor-like boot camp ensued for the four and end result is a group of four ready to take the world by storm with their catchy and infectious pop and make this year they year of Boycode!

Already a hit in Europe and in China, the Belgian group are taking on their biggest challenge yet, the United Kingdom, no stranger to pop group sensations themselves.  Their UK debut is set for May 1 titled “After Juliet.” And then, who knows what’s next….perhaps a visit to the other side of the pond????

Guess we’ll see, but in the meantime for our American readers who love their boy band pop, get to know to this foursome, they could be coming here next after the UK!  They already have an array of singles and music videos alongside to check out!

Most Recent Video: Runaway

Video:  Not Giving Up

Video: It’s a Mistake

Video:  I Got My Mind Set On You


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