Check ittttt out Part 2!

cashcash_blog Who: Cash Cash
Where: Roseland, New Jersey
For fans of:  Metro Station, Duran Duran (pre-90s), Depeche Mode, The Cab
Why you must check them out:

This trio from the town that spawned one of America’s underrated music venues puts the capital C in catchiness and a capital I in infectious.  Cash Cash mashes up a sound that contains the fun and sun of 70s funk and spunk, the electronica-dominated pop/rock of the 80s and the mellow alterna-pop of the 90s.  Combined together with three-part vocal harmony, they craft a sound not heard in many many many years.  You will be definitely moving, jiving and doing whatever requires movement to their music.

Their debut album, the aptly titled ‘Take It on The Floor’ will be certainly something that will be taken to THE floor in 2009 and beyond.

NOTICE:  Watch out in the coming days for an album review of “The Quiet Hype, done by our Spencer A.

Official website
Official Myspace

1 comment for “Check ittttt out Part 2!

  1. February 20, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Their album is amazing!

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