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Who:  Time Tells All
For fans of:  The Rocket Summer, Bright Eyes, Jack’s Mannequin and Secondhand Serenade
EP: Spread The Word

Review:  By Ashley Fox (not to be confused with the more famous sports columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and ESPN contributor…srsly)

Time Tells All is a band that I discovered on my search for some new tunes to update my ipod with. What I found was a solid EP by a little known band from Virginia. Each song has it’s own sound, but each one is two and a half minutes plus worth of listening to. The vocalist has a really great voice, one fitting for a band of Time Tells All’s nature. They are a band that truly has the potential to make some waves and reach new heights if they keep making music the way they have on their EP. “Spread the Word” is what it’s called, and also exactly what I’m hoping to do.

“Sweep the Nation” is the first song on the EP, which starts of with the sounds of an immaculate crowd cheering and clapping along with the music. After listening to the EP as a whole, this image is clearly a possibility in the bands future. It is also the title track with the words “the sky is limitless, so spread your wings because were taking this over the edge, spread the word, spread the word, your a diamond for the record”.”Sweep the Nation” is one of the heavier tracks on the album, with a lot of a rock-edge.

The next song is “Deadline”. It is a classic pop-punk song, made up of catchy riffs and enough beats to make anyone want to sing along. I passed this song over a few times, just passing it off as something else. Although it isn’t weak, it’s not one to stand out as much as the others. It is also the shortest song on the EP which isn’t much of a bummer, when compared to the rest.

“The Dream” is what made me want to listen to the rest of the EP. It stands out the most with it’s almost Rocket Summer-esque key board introduction. The keys go on in and out of the rest of the song giving it a feeling separate from the rest. About half way through the song the song takes a new turn, keeping up with the keys, but slowing down a bit, keeping everything interesting. “The Dream” is one of the best tracks on the ep, and by far the catchiest.

“Cliff Notes” is a song which shows of the vocals very well, especially within the first 15 seconds of the song. It is again a song with very catchy instrumentals. The placement is great with it following up “The Dream”, because it defiantly has a different feel and goes back to their more rock, less pop-py feel that most of the ep takes on. The build up and change of interest about 1:24 into the song is a move that’s familiar in the other songs, but also an aspect that works strongly in the bands favor.

The EP seems to slow down a bit with it’s closer, a song called “Route ’85”. After listening to the “Spread the Word” as a whole, it is clear that the right choice was made when “Route ’85” was placed last because it brings everything together and finishes the EP off. It’s catchy, the vocals are on, the build-up is there and the instrumentals are great. It is also the strongest song lyrically. “Route ’85” is the best track on the EP and defiantly the one to show off what the bands about. It does nothing short of make the listener want more.

ashley_new_80 Ashley Fox is the asst. regional head of the East Coast at

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  1. March 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Excellent review. heehee Sorry I read it now if I do a review yours will influence me.
    Thanks for introducing me to them.

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