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The feature that started the features on Musiqtone.com is back…probably until the next time one of us goes on a rant & rave…which is quite infrequent.

A rant & rave by:  Ashley Fox, asst. regional head- East Coast

People are not defined by the music they listen to.

Sure, it can have an influence the way someone dresses, the thoughts they have or the things they do. It can affect the friends they make, the opinions they form and their lives as a whole.

But it doesn’t matter if someone likes Britney Spears and Boys Like Girls, or Taylor Swift and Weezy. It doesn’t matter if they only enjoy the songs you hear 30 times on top 40 radio. It doesn’t matter if they go to shows every other day of the week. it doesn’t matter if they only know a band’s “hit single” or if they can name of every song and can sing every word. None of that matters. Too many people put pre-judgments on people because of what they listen to. Some fans of certain bands are seen as being annoying or bitchy, and some kids pick on others just because they found out about a band (god forbid) after they hit the radio.

Music is the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s something that connects everyone to everything. So much can be held in a song. So much meaning, so many memories, so much love or hate. There is a reason why everyone says that music means so much to them. Why people look up to “rock stars” and spend money on music. It means something. It’s an international language. A way to explain thoughts or let out emotions. Music is just music.

Everyone likes something. There is a reason for different genres, and that’s because people have individual tastes. It’s something that makes us unique. And it’s okay to like something different. It’s okay to develop admiration for a band, whether it’s right as they are forming, or months after they’ve broken up. It’s okay to have so much appreciation for a lyricist or a musician you don’t know. It should be okay to listen to whatever makes you happy.

So please, stop giving dirty looks to the kid who likes Metallica and wears all black. Don’t make fun of the white kid who wears polos and enjoys Lil Wayne. Stop calling the kids who like All time Low and wear bright colors and Nikes “posers”. Close your eyes and open your ears. Stop judging on their appearance and their favorite bands, and start trying to appreciate music you may have not had much of a taste for before.

1 comment for “Rant & Rave!

  1. June 18, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Nice rant and rave. From a guy who wears all black, bright colors and dress shirts, I really don’t know where to stand. Maybe you could check out my site, see if we are top 40 material.

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