Mini-album review: Shwayze

Letitbeat Since the release of their debut album in 2008 “Shwayze”  Shwayze have made quite a name for themselves. Performing concerts nationwide and costarring with Cisco Adler on the MTV reality show “Buzzin”, the Malibu, CA hip-hop duo seem to be an unstoppable force.  In just a year’s time the two have grown to be American heartthrobs: singing their way into young girl’s hearts.

Keeping true to their roots, their new album “Let it Beat” consists of songs mostly about encounters with girls. Unlike their previous album though, they turn from their usual acoustic beats to experiment with a more electronic upbeat sound.  Don’t get me wrong though, the usual kick-back acoustic songs dominate most of the album; only a few tend to have pop undertones.

The single “Get U Home” is an undeniably a future chart climber. The new pop-style they are trying out is definitely working out for them. With just a few listens, the lyrics are stuck in your head. You find yourself moving to the beat of the song as soon as it begins to play. Like most pop songs, “Get U Home” is something you can listen to anytime, especially at a party. This new fun upbeat sound is shown in not only “Get U Home”, but also songs such as “Maneater” and “Dirty Girl”.

Don’t worry though, if your one to like the classic “Buzzin” Shwayze, they don’t disappoint in this album. With songs, such as “Sally Is A…” and “Perfect for Me”, the dynamic duo encompasses the easy-going spirit of California and young-love perfectly. Their slow-downed tunes are perfect for a relaxing day at the beach, especially is song featuring Snoop Dogg, “Livin’ it Up”.

Whether you’re looking for an album to chill out to after a hard day’s work or dance to at this weekend’s party, “Let it Beat” is the perfect choice. Shwayze is able to recreate the same sentiment of their original album, while throwing their fans a couple curveballs with a whole new pop-style. “Let It Beat” hits stores November 3rd and is definitely an album worth checking out.

Album:  Let It Beat
Artist: Shwayze
Label:  Suretone/Geffen
Rating: 4.5/5
Album reviewer: Samantha Cano

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