The Critics Corner: Thomas Fiss

thomasfiss_ep Name: Thomas Fiss "Waiting EP"

Release Date: January 19, 2010

My rating: 4.6 out of 5 

Review written by: Gabriela Elena

Local SoCal artist, Thomas Fiss, is not slowing down. Former member of Varsity Fanclub, Fiss’ fans have always supported Thomas on his musical career. Upon leaving VFC, Thomas founded a clothing company named Addison Apparel and made a parody with local DJ Frankie V about the infamous Twitter. WIth Thomas’ new EP "Waiting" recently released there’s no telling that Thomas will continue to be in the entertainment business.

From the moment you press play the first song "Say It Like You Mean It" grasps the listener into a pop vibe. Singing about the well known subjects of life and love. A classical song to listen to when you’re out for a drive or hanging with friends.

"Waiting" is about a story everyone knows too well. Waiting for that right person to come around. Or waiting for someone to notice you’ve been there the whole time. A perfect song and mix of an upbeat tone and plea of no longer wanting to wait to see what happens next.

Thomas’ song "Saturday Night Movie" portrays how he wants his life to be. In a word perfect. Of course this is never the case so all he’s left is the fantasy of what it could be. Like one of those Saturday night movies.

Is pop not your genre? The song "Jealous of Distance" has a raw acoustic sound which shows the true identity to the truth behind the song. The pain behind betrayal when you’re not with the one you love.

It’s hard to describe how Thomas meshes so many different song choices. In the song "Romeo" Thomas starts a fast paced song which turns into a catchy bridge and chorus that will have anyone singing along.

The last song on the EP is "Whisper To Me" a simple song about miscommunication and the way it’s important for any relationship. Not only that but Thomas speaks the truth about how people assume they know what everyone needs. But if they beat around the bush, or don’t clearly state what they want. There’s never a sure way of knowing what they want unless they say it out loud.

Thomas Fiss sings about life, love and its complications. Being able to relate with the listener is a powerful thing and I believe Thomas was able to create that with his audience.


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  1. LibBaby:

    Listen To Thomas Fiss He Is The Best And Has The Best Music On His Album! So I Want Everybody To Follow Him
    On Twitter @thomasfiss and get his EP! and Get your calendar signed by him and everything from him! even his merch get it! 🙂 <333

  2. Sweetheartgirly:

    This review is on point! You won’t regret buying the ep from this up and coming artist. You can get the ep on http://www.thomasfissmusic.com as well as merch and more! 😀 Love ya Thomas!

  3. Lorena:

    I love you thomas!.. no matter what i’ll be there for you.. 😀 and i love the son jealous of distance ♥

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