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maydayparade_175 Who: Mayday Parade
Where:  Tallahassee, FL
For fans of:  All Time Low, blink-182, All-American Rejects and Every Avenue

Intro: After the successful release of their first album "A Lesson In Romantics" Florida natives Mayday Parade are hoping to do it again with their second effort "Anywhere But Here," released last fall. The band is currently one of the headliners on the 2010 Take Action Tour, along with We The Kings, There For Tomorrow, A Rocket To The Moon, and Call the Cops. Before they took the stage in Cleveland, I had the chance to sit down with lead singer Derek and learn more tour life. 

Spencer:Can you introduce yourself and what you do in the band.
Derek:Yes, my name is Derek and I sing in the band.

Spencer:How are you enjoying the tour so far?
Derek:It’s awesome! I knew I’d enjoy it, I always love touring but I’m actually having more fun than I actually thought, so I’m really stoked for the next month it’s going to be so much fun. All of the bands are great. It’s nice to do a tour for a good cause. All in all it’s just awesome.

Spencer:Going off that about the good cause, can you explain to those who don’t know, what the Take Action Tour is about?
Derek:Yeah, well the Take Action Tour, over all, always supports a charity and is about just giving something positive. This year in particular it’s for a charity called Driving For Donors, which is a charity started by a kid, I forgot his name, but he’s fourteen and when he was eleven he was diagnosed with leukemia. He was able to get a match and he survived. But he had a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia as well and he didn’t survive. So he’s started this and he’s basically going around, and there’s a bone marrow registry you can sign up for. They swab your cheek and if you get matched with someone then you can donate your bone marrow and save someone’s life. So it’s pretty huge. That’s here and a lot of the money made here goes towards the charity and people can also text ‘action’ to 85944 to donate five dollars and they get a free wrist band. So there’s a lot of ways that it helps. It’s really cool to contribute something positive like that.

Spencer:Awesome! What’s a song that you feel the crowd responds really well to every time that you play it?
Derek:We’ve just started, recently, playing some of our new stuff on the past few tours and it’s a song called “Get Up” that we’ve done since the last tour and that one always gets a great reaction. That’s really cool because when we wrote the song that was kind of the idea behind it; to write a song that we played live to get people pumped up. Other than that there’s a handful of songs, “Jamie All Over” is one that kids always seem to like a lot and get into. “Black Cat” is another one, there’s a bunch.

Spencer:Are there any funny stories from either on or off stage on the tour so far?
Derek:Nothing that I can think of in particular it’s just been all the bands hanigng out every night. It’s a really great group. We’d known We The Kings before this tour and we’d known There For Tomorrow we toured with both them previous to this tour. We hadn’t met A Rocket To The Moon or Call The Cops and those guys are awesome, really really good guys. Basically every night it’s just all of us hanging out and having a good time. Nothing in particular that I can think of.

Spencer:What’s your favorite part of touring?
Derek:I think it’s just actually playing the shows every night. It’s always so much fun and then it’s also really rewarding seeing a bunch of kids singing a long. It’s a real cool experience. Getting to play the shows every night. There’s hardly anything that I don’t like about it. I love touring, but that’s the best part, playing the shows.
Spencer:So then you don’t have a least favorite part?
Derek:I guess just the fact that you don’t have a normal life. You know, it’s hard with friends and family at home. It’s weird because you kind of lose touch with your friends and your family and you come back and you haven’t been there for months. It’s just different, so coming home from tour is always kind of weird. So that’s the only thing that I guess it kinda bad about it, but other than that it’s great.

Spencer:So your new album just came out, right?
Derek:Mhm! Yeah!
Spencer:How’s that doing?
Derek:Good! It’s doing well. None of us really knew what to expect with it. But I’m definitely really happy with everything and with it so far. It keeps doing well.

Spencer:What makes your concerts different from the generic pop/punk shows?
Derek:Really we just try to be as energetic as possible. We try to make the show as entertaining as we can, we never want to have a boring moment on stage. I don’t really know if that’s any different than anybody else but that’s just what we try to do.

Spencer:Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans at
Derek:Thank you! I don’t know it’s pretty awesome that anyone even cares to, you know, hear what I have to say about these things so it’s cool. Thank you for doing the interview and thanks to anyone who’s supporting us, we appreciate it.

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