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jaymesreunion_180 Who: Jaymes Reunion
For fans of:  Maroon 5, U2, One Republic, Switchfoot, Relient K
Where:  Los Angeles, CA

Why they are in The Spotlight:  This dynamic piano-driven pop/rock quintet from California is the brainchild of prolific singer-songwriter Cameron Jaymes (vocals, guitar).  According to Jaymes, the name stems from the kind of bond the five share when they come and collaborate together:  “As we made the record I really connected with the guys,” Jaymes says. “It became this family reunion of musicians, for me, and a revolving collaborative of buddies I’ve made.”

The sound is very reminiscent of another piano-driven pop/rock group, One Republic but unlike the Colorado superstars who are much more understated in their sound, Jaymes Reunion goes a little harder, taking in sounds from groups like Maroon 5, Switchfoot and Relient K, giving their sound a decidedly harder edge than Ryan Tedder and Co.  To put a more modern parallel, think SafetySuit with a piano in the middle of the stage (the band recently toured with SafetySuit!). 

Official Myspace

Video:  Fine “Official” music video:

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  1. June 23, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    they seem pretty cool, will definitely be checking them out

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