The Spotlight: Guster

guster_blog Fifteen years ago, a four piece band quietly emerged onto the music scene.  Guster began to bring us their music when grunge was on its way out and sugary pop beats, boy bands, and girl power were on the way in.  Guster cannot and will never be classified as any of these.  The creativity of Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel and Joe Pisapia has gained them quite a wave of followers over the past fifteen years, as the band survived the music scene without following trend after trend of popular music.  The quad of guys followed their own interests to create music that appealed to an alternative and earthier crowd.

Guster songs are dominated by acoustic and percussion instruments which perfectly compliment Miller and Gardner’s unmistakable vocals.  Depending on the song, other instruments including the bass, bongos, and cymbals accompany their voices, giving the songs deeper meanings while maintaining the simpleness and stripped sounds of the songs.  Their songs are easy to get lost in; the mix of vocals and instruments creating a day dream feeling.

With a barrage of singles spanning the past 12 years including Airport Song, Demons, Fa Fa, Amsterdam, Donde Estas Santa Claus, and most recently, Do You Love Me, Guster has never failed to bring fans the music that they have come to expect.  Though Guster, as a band, has evolved musically, their fans have stayed with them, appreciating and enjoying most everything that they have released.  Along with their musical following, the band is also admired for their efforts in social and environmental awareness causes.
The men of Guster are all about going green, being environmentally conscious, and helping the music industry work towards these same goals. Reverbnation was co-founded by Adam Gardner and his wife to help bands and artists who are touring tour greener and educate their fans about the importance of helping to save and preserve the environment.

2008 marked a huge year for the guys, both personally and as a band.  Three Guster babies were born to three of the band members, and efforts were again put towards writing and recording a new album  Four years,  after the release of their fifth album, Ganging Up On the Sun, Guster is finally ready to release their newest album, Easy Wonderful.  In celebration of this album, Guster will be going on tour this fall; dates will be announced soon.  For now, we wait until October 5, but for those of you who want a sample of what will be on this new album, you can get a free download of the song, Bad Bad World on Guster’s official website:

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