Song Premiere Box

Honor SocietyWho:  Honor Society
Where:  Los Angeles by way of the NYC suburbs
Song:  Pretty Little Liar

Why you should listen:  Taylor Swift, meet Michael Bruno.  This is a song not for the faint-hearted, it is an odd combination of fiery and tell-like-it-is lyrics set over a dreamy instrumental landscape so it is both tearjerking and heart-tugging at the same time.  “Pretty Little Liar” is certainly one of the more emotional songs that the former You Gotta Knows have done and penned to date.  And you can go on guessing who Mike is talking about in this one Winking smile!  And if you like this song a lot after shedding a few tears and having your heart tugged at, go on over to and download the song as part of their “Honor System” promotion!  And to think only Tswift could be that audacious with the subject matter of her songs (like Dear John…)…

Listen to “Pretty Little Liar”

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