The Band-Aid: The Midway State

The Midway StateThe band: The Midway State

Where: Ontario, Canada

Who: Nathan Ferraro (vocals, piano, synths), Daenan Bramberger (drums, programming), Michael Wise (guitars), Michael Kirsh (bass)
Where you might have seen them: They finished off the last leg of the Daughtry headlining tour last year, opening for the band.
Why you should listen to them: After finding stardom in Canada, their first taste in the US market was on February 1, 2007, where their song ‘Unaware’ was playing during the final moments of the FOX former hit show “The O.C.” The sound is described as pop/alt-rock with a synth edge, thanks to frontman Nathan Ferraro. He also adds his dark but deep lyrical flair and his equally dark piano with his deep but hynoptizing voice. 2008 could be the year this talented band from Canada finally breaks out in the U.S. in a big way and you can get yourself immersed in Ferraro’s deep voice, slightly dark lyrics and the rest of his band by grabbing a copy of their latest EP, ‘Met a Man On Top of the Hill.’

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