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Seth Glier_NRT_Cover_200Who: Seth Glier
For fans of: Gavin DeGraw, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney, Matt White, Jonny Lang and Billy Joel
Where: Boston, MA

Why he is being spotlighted:  The fast-emerging singer-songwriter who brings an element of showmanship not seen since Neil Diamond and Billy Joel circa late 1970s has been quite busy in the past couple years, averaging a whopping 200 shows a year in the time span.  The end result is the kind of national exposure most musicians around his age range spend generally a few years trying to garner without any kind of major label support whatsoever.  How the major labels have missed Glier is a mystery as he showcases the kind of talent that they should be looking at instead of the next flavor of the minute, hour or day.  Glier’s lyrics are reminiscent of James Taylor and offbeat songwriter Randy Newman combined with the pianist pizazz of Gavin DeGraw and Billy Joel with the showmanship of Neil Diamond and Elton John.  If we did a list of the Top 11 acts to watch in the indie circuit, Seth Glier most certainly makes the list, if not near the top of the list! 

Lauralee (description below)

"Lauralee" – Lauralee is a young woman from Bethlehem PA. I play a small folk club called Godfrey Daniels at least once a year and always stay with her parents. I met her in Philadelphia and fell head over heels for her. She’s someone who will be a huge part of my life for as long as I live ,though timing never seems to quite work out.


For more on Seth, you can check out his Myspace, Facebook and/or Twitter!

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